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We Invite You to Become an Arboretum Volunteer

The issue

The following is a brief outline of the tasks and responsibilities which are currently identified as desirable, indeed necessary for the successful day to day management of your Arboretum.

In common with many volunteer organisations, the aging population in general and the seemingly low priority of service to one’s community means that the issue of generational change within becomes quite a serious issue.

The survival of so many community bodies relies heavily on the efforts of a few dedicated individuals which gives so much extra enrichment and enjoyment to the wider community in which they live.

The Tasmanian Arboretum is no exception to these problems and succession planning is looming as a pressing issue for us.

The list of positions/roles below serves as a rather sobering snapshot of roles which are deemed vital to the effective operation of the Arboretum in fulfilling its mission. Not all are currently filled which only serves to increase the workload of active volunteers – very likely leading to “burnout” in all but the most dedicated.

Tasmanian Arboretum Inc. Position List



Honorary auditor

Newsletter editor

Education Officers (3+)

Tree Accessions & Recording Officer

Kiosk Manager

Living Collections Committee Members

Senior Vice-president

General Committee Chairman

Public Officer

Assistant Newsletter Editor

Arts and Events Co-ordinator

Tree Sponsorships & Recording Officer

Assistant Kiosk Manager

Nursery Operator

Second Vice-president

Minutes Secretary / Index Archivist

Membership Officer


Site Hire Officer


Living Collections Chairman


General Committee Members

Publicity Officer

Social Media Manager

Fundraising & Sponsorship Officer

Tree Collections Curators (8+)

Living Collections Secretary


So, if the philosophy of The Tasmanian Arboretum Inc. resonates with you and you think you might be able to fulfil some role in assisting the Arboretum, we warmly invite you to offer your services. Alternatively, you might be interested, or more comfortable, in shadowing or assisting an existing office bearer.

It’s not necessary to have any botanical knowledge, and volunteers need not disqualify themselves from a role because they are not in a position to do physical work. As you can see from the list of positions/roles, there is plenty to do. Indeed a prospective volunteer may well have skills and knowledge not covered by the descriptions listed but can see a way their input will assist the Arboretum. It doesn’t matter how large or small a contribution you are prepared to make as every bit helps. You don’t even need to be a Member of TAI for many tasks although we always welcome new members.

Please do give this appeal some thought and, if circumstances are not quite right just now, we do hope that you keep the idea in mind for future consideration.